Virtual Webcast – Featuring Todd Steinbrink, CFP® Hosted by Confident Living

Protecting your nest egg can make or break your future.

Join us to successfully plan, understand, and manage your financial foundation to sustain your lifestyle for the remainder of your years.

This free virtual program will cover:
• Resources: Determining what you have and what you will need
• Costs: Calculating and forecasting your future expenses
• Income: Assessing the sustainability of your spending habits

Please register at Protecting Your Nest Egg: How long will your money last?

Todd was invited by Confident Living to present on January 14th and 26th at 11:00 am. Please register for the event or share the registration information with someone who may be interested.

Confident Living has many resources available to help support aging well.  You can read more about their services and resources here.



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