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Meet The Team

Different from other wealth advisory practices, clients of WPC benefit from the collaboration of our whole team rather than one assigned advisor. Our Total Team approach allows for timely responses to client questions and immediate needs.

A Firm Committed To…

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Simplifying your complex financial situations into actionable steps

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Providing financial guidance with a total team approach

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Knowing you, your family and your inheritors

Unique Client Experience

You and your concerns are the focus as we work with you through the Discovery, Onboarding, Investment Management and Advisory Services. 

Right-Fit Client

No account minimums. We work on a right-fit basis. If you have a financial concern and our services align, we should meet to discuss.


You probably have a few questions you’d like answered before you take the next step. Here are some of the common ones:

Few people wake up one morning and suddenly decide they need a financial advisor. It is most often triggered by an event – a job change, retirement offer, inheritance, or another circumstance that makes you think more diligently about your finances. Other times, those who are saving for retirement may begin to see their account balances grow to a level where they are no longer comfortable that they are making the best decisions on their own. If you’re asking the question, now’s the time.
It’s simple. Let’s have an initial discussion about your goals, and together we can explore whether working with a firm like ours is in your best interest. Scheduling a meeting is at no cost to you, and there is never any pressure to “sign up” on the spot. Call to set a convenient time for you to meet with us and begin the conversation.
You should expect to meet with two members of our team, and after sharing your goals, you will learn how WPC could help you put a plan in place to meet them. We can discuss any and all areas you would like to address, including; retirement plans, investment expectations, what opportunities are you missing, and what mistakes should you avoid. Then you can decide if we are the right resource to help you pursue your goals.

Any data pertinent to the conversation, but ideally include statements for your retirement plan accounts, stock or mutual fund holdings, life insurance information and your estate planning documents. The more information you bring initially, the more meaningful the discussion can be in outlining our process to help you.

WPC is an independent, SEC Registered Investment Advisor that is paid directly by its clients. Our fee is based upon a percentage of the assets we manage on your behalf, paid by you, not the investment companies – to insure we work for you, not them. Removing this conflict of interest, and providing transparency as to the costs involved, allows you to evaluate whether you are receiving value for what we are paid. Full explanation of fees is detailed in our ADV Brochure and agreements.

To act in our client’s best interest is the foundation for our firm. In 1996, our firm abandoned the commission-oriented Broker/Dealer marketplace and began working with custodians who catered to individual investors and their independent advisors. It fulfilled the goal of providing unbiased, objective advice by eliminating the conflict of interest in receiving payments from investment companies. The trust we have earned from clients over these many years reflects our commitment to always do what’s best for our clients.

Founded in 1984, WPC has gained considerable experience in guiding clients through the many personal financial decisions experienced in everyday life, as well as unpredictable market cycles. This tenure proves particularly invaluable during difficult market periods and unanticipated life events. Our highly experienced team carries credentials such as Certified Financial Planner (CFP®) and/or Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA®). These are among the most respected credentials in the financial planning and investment management industry and require rigorous study, comprehensive examination and annual continuing education to hold.

WPC believes in a disciplined approach to monitoring and adjusting its investment methodology, but also to measuring and reporting regularly on a clients’ overall financial progress. Much like a dentist, we believe regular appointments help to maintain a healthy understanding of your complete financial situation and provide the opportunity to benchmark your results against your plan. Many clients come in at least twice a year to review their accounts and track their progress.

Core Values

We become trustworthy through well-established and articulated core values and beliefs. The following are some of the core values that we at Wealth Planning Corporation endeavor to instill in every client relationship:

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To build and foster meaningful lasting relationships.

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To help our clients have confidence in making sound lifetime financial decisions.

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Through disclosures of pertinent data, risks, and necessary course adjustments.

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Lifelong Learning

By sharing and seeking continual improvement in our knowledge base and skill sets and transferring that wisdom to clients.

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Future Generations

Teach the next generation to establish sound money principles and assist with preparedness of family wealth transference.

WPC is a SEC-registered, independent fee-only advisory firm.

Founded in 1984 on the principle of working with clients’ best interests in mind, WPC’s primary goal was to move away from commission-driven brokerage model to a more client-centered approach to financial planning and investment management.

The goal of our firm is quality, custom advice, exceptional service and follow through with every client encounter. We work by educating clients and building their financial intelligence. We know you have a choice of advisors. We welcome the opportunity to earn your trust and confidence.