Top 3 Things to Think About…Market Volatility

Review your asset allocation.

  • One of the major advantages of working with a financial planning team like ours at Wealth Planning Corporation is that we work with your personal risk tolerance to find the right asset allocation for you.
  • Based on your age, your goals, your risk tolerance, and many more personal factors, your portfolio assets should be allocated appropriately. Generally, the older we are, the less susceptible we want our money to be to market changes, so we move our assets to less risky investments; however, this isn’t always the case! Your asset allocation should reflect your specific goals and the plan that will help you achieve them.


Do you have predetermined target percentages and have you checked lately if rebalancing is needed?

  • Maintain a plan and disciplined approach through volatile periods. This means that even when the market hits various peaks and valleys, your actions with your assets are planned and methodical–not spontaneous or emotional. This can be hard to manage on your own, but with a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™, this is everything!
  • At Wealth Planning Corporation, we pride ourselves on our Disciplined Investment Approach. You can learn more about that in this short video here.
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Remind yourself that market cycles are normal and, over time, diversification has proven helpful for downside protection. Don’t panic and sell out at market lows.

  • When you put it all together, diversification and discipline are a great combination! Even more, when you understand how your money is being handled and–most importantly–you trust the people who are helping you manage your financial future, the process becomes much more enjoyable and a lot less stressful.


Our team is here to help you. From a quick phone call to our more in-depth annual reviews, we are always here to help you understand your personalized investment approach. Give us a call today to discuss your financial future or to help the next generation begin to build their own wealth planning conversation.


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