Tips to Make the Most of Giving Tuesday

This year’s Giving Tuesday is Tuesday, November 29th. Giving Tuesday is a day when many people give to charitable organizations and find ways to give back to their local communities.  There are many tools and resources available to assist you with making your decision(s) about where to donate. The IRS Tax Exempt Organization Search is one place to obtain information Tax Exempt Organization Search (  and another data base to check out is

A couple of things to remember when giving:

  • Donations of cash or property to tax-exempt charities are tax deductible.
  • Keep records of the donation such as canceled checks, receipts or confirmation emails, so when you file your taxes you have the proper supporting documentation.
  • Consider your amounts and organizations in advance: many organizations use this day as a special way to communicate with contacts and solicit donations.

If you need any help with your charitable giving planning, the team at WPC can walk you through your specific questions.


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