New Fintech Tool Added to Our Financial Planning Toolbox

WPC has added a tool to our Financial Planning Toolbox – TIFIN Plan.  A Fintech platform using AI technology to simplify the financial discovery process and promote engaging conversations!  We have found it invaluable when addressing the Next Gen’s financial questions. So let’s sit down and quickly get to the point answering what is really on your mind…

  • How much house can we afford?
  • When should we start to save for college?
  • If I contribute to an HSA how much do I save on taxes?

Designed by wealth managers and technologists to move individuals into action, TIFIN eliminates the process of gathering pages of notes, crunching numbers, or creating illustrations.  Within minutes, we can get answers to those How Much?” questions, allowing us to spend the rest of the meeting developing a strategy and laying the groundwork for achieving success!  We like to refer to it as micro-planning.

As you move through lifecycle events like marriage, buying your first home, and building a family, the software expands with you. The library of questions is prebuilt, so all you need to do is provide your personal answers. The dynamic and flexible platform will allow you to update your information or use what’s already been stored to find quick answers to your next question.  Also embedded in the platform is a risk-profiling questionnaire that helps individuals identify what type of investment portfolio suits them.

We are excited to have partnered with TIFIN so that we are able to offer financial planning in this way to young couples. If you’ve held back reaching out to a Financial Advisor, because you felt you didn’t have enough or were only looking for a specific answer and didn’t want to go through the long drawn out process.  Wait no more: this tool is geared for Advisors and our Next Generation clients to get answers, build a relationship, and move into action.

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