Giving Back: 40 Acts of Kindness

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40 Acts of Kindness

We have witnessed amazing generosity and charity by our clients through the years. In fact, just last year the Qualified Charitable Donations (QCD’s) distributed from our client accounts in total came to over $256,000.  When all those gifts are added together, one can really see their collective impact.   In addition to these donations, over the past ten years, our clients have amassed over $9.5 million in donor advised funds and private foundations which will be used for future planned giving and legacy wishes.

The Goal

In honor of our 40th anniversary year, WPC has set a goal to complete 40 Acts of Kindness in 2024 alongside our clients.  Our list includes donations to organizations, time volunteering, pro bono advising and raising funds for causes we feel strongly about.  We look forward to highlighting organizations and their work in this list which our clients are passionate about.

The Stories

Together we can make a difference in our communities through various acts of kindness!
  1. Carol fulfilled her RMD by making a Qualified Charitable Donation (QCD) to two local Cincinnati Catholic high schools.  The funds will be used for tuition assistance.
  2. An out of state client in Texas founded and funded an animal welfare organization.  Their mission is to provide abused animals with medical care in order for them to be re-homed to loving families.
  3. Gene has distributed his 1st quarter QCD’s to several local charities to assist them in covering expenses.  Each quarter he distributes QCD’s to organizations that are important to him and his late wife.  These organizations help many individuals receive necessary clothing, job training, educational assistance, and meals.
  4. The Hornback family donated money to Archbishop Moeller High School for the Class of 2020 scholarship which helps offset the costs of tuition for young men.
  5. A donation was made to the Alzheimer’s Association.
  6. A client in Florida donated funds to help raise awareness for sea turtles and manatees along the Florida Atlantic coast. The organization’s mission is to keep the beaches flat, dark and clean!
  7. A client couple made QCD’s to the Archdiocese of Cincinnati supporting the diocese’s community support of six local ministries that teach, feed and heal individuals.
  8. A WPC team member donated funds to The Humane Society of Greater Dayton which ensures that affordable medical care is made available to all pet owners.
  9. Darah, a client of WPC, and her family founded a scholarship to help musicians succeed in the music industry.  The Scott Bennett Memorial Guitar Scholarship was awarded to Chaitanya Nanda.  He plans to use the money to buy equipment and launch his career.  The Bennett family sponsors this memorial scholarship to help talented music students start their music careers. Read more in this news story.

The Result

Giving back in celebration and sharing the stories about the gifts of time, talent and treasure provided this year! We hope you will check back often for updates and send your story to share (email: ).

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Giving Back: 40 Acts of Kindness

40 Acts of Kindness We have witnessed amazing generosity and …

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