What Your Advisors Are Reading This Month (February)

February Reading List from your WPC Advisors

This month’s articles focus on finding unclaimed funds, the Federal Reserve’s economic outlook, estate planning, consumer spending/debt, and where to earn interest on your cash savings.  Last month’s reading list can be found here 

Market/Economic Articles

Patrick Scarborough:  As Goes January, So Goes The Year? Let’s Hope So (fa-mag.com)

Todd Steinbrink: Consumer debt hits record $16.9 trillion as delinquencies also rise (cnbc.com)

Tim Dougherty:  February Fed meeting recap: Fed meeting | Fidelity

Malea Hornback:  High-Yield Savings Accounts, Treasury Bills, Money Market Funds, and CDs—Here’s Where Your Cash Can Earn up to 4.5% | Barron’s (barrons.com)

Estate Planning

Todd Lyon:  Estate planning with couples of all wealth levels | Financial Planning (financial-planning.com)

Unclaimed Funds Information

Jerry Yox:  Ohioans: Do you have unclaimed money? Here’s how to find out (wcpo.com)


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